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Cross Platform Advertiser Portal

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What is Gamification?

FunFui and Gamification
At FunFui, we love Gamification and recognise the many market opportunities it can serve. Unlike the many companies who simply trade on the term, we've developed the perfect combination to obtain the highest value from consumer interactions. By promoting an advertiser’s products, services or promotional offers as prizes in our mobile games we achieve amazing results.

Games developed by FunFui (or FunFui partners) have an integrated competition platform which uses rewards, offers or give aways as prizes for players. By offering 'opt-in' competitions within games we are able to unlock a revolutionary ad solution that is non-intrusive, has powerful promotion properties and the ability to seamlessly collect consumer data.

How it works

FunFui offers seamless social interaction between consumers and brands including promotion of products, the permitted collection of consumer data and sales aggregation. FunFui offer Brands and advertisers access to our powerful advertising tool via our easy to use self-service platform which allows them to choose the games they wish to advertise in and enables them to view and export the results of their promotions including the valuable data they have collected.

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    Gamification & FunFui

    Why disregard Games when using Gamification if your customers absolutely love them?

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    Seamless Sharing

    Link positive moments by associating your brand with real rewards earned in Games


In-Game Advertising with Gamification made easy

Lets assume you've been set a marketing task to achieve awareness, sales and collect data for future direct marketing campaigns. All of these marketing associated variables are expensive and difficult to achieve with true integrity not to mention the multiple channels you must work across with narrow budgets.

Our Self-Service solution allows you to achieve all of the above in a simple environment including measuring results and exporting data leaving our Games and Leaderboards to entice the user to do the rest.

Our Games

FunFui specialise in cross platform Game development and have a number of growingly popular titles available in GooglePlay and Itunes. We also build exclusive games for Brands with complementry use of our Gamification service allowing them to build ever-lasting relationships with their customers.

FunFui has taken the concept of Gamification and created a more engaging way for advertisers to reachout to consumers.
Using competition driven Games FunFui is able to create long lasting relationships between Brands and Consumers.
Consumers spend up to 80% of their time using a smart phone over 60% of the time they are playing a Mobile Game.
Research suggests offers won as a prize in a Game are 65% more likely to be redeemed than an offer sent as an e-mail or Daily Deal.



Affordable Advertising Packages

FunFui Games are on the rise! Downloads in the Playstore & onItunes are always increasing but the success of our Games are also down to the viral affect our advertisers and their prizes have on our Games. Hence our service is also a partnership unlocking unbeatable value for you and your brand.

Basic Pack


  • Unlimited Advertising in 2 Games
  • Bespoke Game
  • Unlimited Access to full functionality
  • Free access to new content
  • Dedicated Support

Standard Pack


  • Unlimited Advertising in 4 Games
  • Bespoke Game
  • Unlimited Access to full functionality
  • Free Access to new content
  • Dedicated Support

Premium Pack


  • Unlimited Advertising in all FunFui Games
  • Bespoke Game
  • Unlimited Access to full functionality
  • Free access to new content
  • Dedicated Support

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